Over two decades of service to Japan

2018 was a very special year for Inter-Tel Japan. 2018 marked our 25th anniversary of very successful operations in Japan. We sincerely thank our valued customers, channel partners, distributors, resellers and value-added partners for their continuing support of Inter-Tel products and services over these past 25 years. 


In celebration, we've launched several new products and services designed to further enhance the productivity of our customers, as well as improve the efficiency of technologies they use. In addition to our existing limited-edition Bellus™ PBX product lineup, we are introducing the BellusPlus™ Platform. Both platforms are unlike any of our other products, because they are "green PBX's". The Bellus lineup represents our most energy efficient PBX to date. Its footprint is the smallest we have ever offered, does not require cooling fans, or even a server rack to mount the unit.  The Bellus platform was designed to incorporate many of the basic features and functions of our other PBX platforms, plus many new and useful features our valued customers have requested of us over the years. 


One excellent feature of our new Bellus platform is our conference bridge. Instead of relying on and paying for expensive outside conference services, we have built four independent conference bridges, each with advanced functionality into each of our Bellus PBX models. We've also streamlined the hardware, replaced hard disks with compact flash technology to further reduce failure points. Our Bellus PBX is targeted towards small-to-medium-sized businesses of up to about 100 users. The Bellus also works with most popular smartphone SIP applications, enabling users to be connected anywhere, anytime. 


We hope to have an opportunity to demonstrate our new technologies to your business, and invite you to contact us for further information.

For more information, please contact us.