BabyBell Hosted Telecom Services


Harnessing the power of the cloud in telecommunications

Japan's dynamic telecommunications infrastructure continues to offer a wide range of new technologies that promise increased operating efficiency at reduced rates. Consolidations of domestic and international carriers, new high-capacity fixed and wireless services, and the growing popularity of IP telephony are just a few of the changes sweeping the industry. For smaller companies and branch offices without an upscale PBX and expensive in-house IT staff, however, understanding and successfully adopting these new technologies in an economically sensible manner can be a daunting task.

One service...many features

BabyBell consolidates your company's internal, domestic, and international voice/data communications into one easy to use bilingual, IP network service. The perfect low-cost, high-end solution for companies with highly mobile staff and domestic or international branch offices who need to be transparently unified on a global scale.
BabyBell can be rapidly deployed over your existing DSL or cable LAN thanks to our "Five and Alive" installation promise. Order BabyBell on Monday and be up and running by Friday.*

Among the many features included in the BabyBell package are:

  • High-end PBX functionality without the space, power or other requirements normally associated with PBX ownership
  • Complete elimination of NTT line purchase and installation requirements
  • Vastly reduced charges for domestic, and international voice/fax traffic within the IP network
  • Savings of up to 50% on international calls outside the IP network
  • Advanced bilingual voice messaging functions with optional voice mail delivery to any e-mail account
  • Powerful call recording, call accounting, voice mail retrieval and notification options
  • One consolidated monthly bill for all your domestic, and international voice/fax traffic
  • Traffic usage report options allows viewing your voice/fax traffic in over 200 different formats
  • Small, attractive desk phone with convertible bilingual display (English-Japanese) that's as easy to use as it is functional
  • Hands-free operation included
  • Web-based administration of PBX and voice messaging options
  • Free on-line user training and 24/7 bilingual support

*Router and LAN configuration, if necessary, not included


Simple to use...simply powerful

A wonderfully simple bilingual user interface puts the power of Inter-Tel's advanced telecommunication technology at your fingertips.
BabyBell connects our small footprint SIP phones, PC soft phones or BabyBell analog adapters* to your existing LAN. Users can easily access domestic, international, and IP extension lines at the press of a button.
There is no need for a separate PBX or expensive IT support as all the necessary hardware and software functions are contained in the IP Phone+ and are maintained at our secure switching facility.
*For wireless and special VoIP solutions

Rapid deployment

Unlike conventional PBX systems which can take up to six weeks to install, Inter-Tel has a "Five and Alive" guarantee that your Baby Bell is up and running in five days from the time your order is processed.

Custom terminal services

With Baby Bell you choose (and pay for) only the features you require, making it easy for staff to operate phones without having to wade through layers of unnecessary features.

Flat-rate IP telephony and a variety of service plans

All internal calls routed through the Baby Bells IP switching facility are charged at a flat-rate. Choose from a variety of Baby Bell Service Plans and options to match your company's telecom requirements perfectly.

Advanced voice messaging

Our switching facility houses the resources for nearly any voice- messaging requirement. From simple voice mail calls, to complex voice mail compression and e-mail forwarding, Baby Bell provides a scalable voice messaging solution. Access to our switching facility where your voice messaging system is maintained can be performed via the IP Phone+, IP SoftPhone or IP SLA.

Call recording and accounting

For organizations that require more robust call recording or call accounting, we offer optional services that provide comprehensive call recording, retrieval, and accounting of all voice/data traffic through the Baby Bell.

Enhanced security

Keeping your data secure is of primary concern. All Baby Bell IP traffic is encrypted using Inter-Tel proprietary encoding technology, and our switching facility is maintained in a highly restricted environment monitored 24-hours a day.

Training and support

The Baby Bell system is simple to use but we recognize the need for training with any high-tech device may exist. That's why we provide on-site training upon request at the completion of installation. Additional user support is also available through our Web site.
For more information, please contact us.