SoftCloud™ Services

Inter-Tel's SoftCloud™  File Synchronization and Storage

SoftCloud offers superior file synchronization and storage services for  PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices enhancing productivity, security and flexibility.

Information Technology (IT) is everywhere, and with rapid use of smartphones, IT is constantly changing the way users work. Whether it’s bring your own device to work (BYOD) or employees storing documents on public clouds for sharing and collaborating purposes, users are seeking out – and implementing –  ways to improve efficiency. You don’t want to stop progress – but you can’t risk security.

Inter-Tel's SoftCloud delivers both. SoftCloud delivers a secure file sync and sharing solution that gives users what they want and need to remain mobile and efficient without the use of insecure public cloud services.

SoftCloud provides users with:

  • Smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops anytime, anywhere access to SoftCloud
  • The ability to share and store any kind of data
  • Collaboration features such as commenting and versioning
  • Windows and Mac synchronization capabilities

Many enterprises simply cannot afford for their intellectual property to be stored on public clouds. SoftCloud offers our users intuitive, flexible access to data while still maintaining security and meeting compliance requirements incorporating bank-level encryption standards.

SoftCloud helps improve security by in the following areas:

  • by ensuring all data is stored behind Inter-Tel's financial institution-level encryption firewalls
  • authenticating through a sophisticated management system (AD, LDAP, and any PAM-supported authentication)
  • ensuring data security leverage including encryption for files in flight and at rest
  • delivering compliance level auditing of all transactions
  • providing audit logs for usage analysis
  • enabling granular control over storage containers






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